Thursday, 4 May 2017

Update 62: It Takes An Adventurous Spirit

Soulbound Studio released update 62 on 4th May 2017. It's quite a large one, here's a summary. You can read the original on the Chronicles of Elyria website.

Progress Quest

We  learned that the team is effectively split into groups for the purposes of developing Chronicles of Elyria with various responsibilities depending on their talents, etc. They've been given 'interesting' names, as follows...

Elyrian Zoological Society

Members: Mudokon, Racronos, Irreverent, Vanimus Prime, Souzou

Presumably responsible for the wildlife in the game, this group is currently working on the horse, the primary beast of burden and workhorse (!)

The prologue will have wild animals that players will probably encounter on their travels so the teams are working on the archetypes to assist with producing the the animation rigs and behaviour patterns.

League of Extraordinary Locomotion

Members: Strider, Tripnull

Working on movement animations including jumping, running, etc. We learned that CoE is not a 'one size fits all' game where all characters are equal. Size really does matter in CoE and mechanics like jump height will differ based on character size, fitness, etc.
Here's a direct quote from the update since I couldn't think of a shorter way to write it for the summary:
In addition, they've been improving the blending, movement speeds, and inverse kinematics that will provide the necessary connection between the character and the world to make it feel "real".

 Asset Archival Alliance

Members: Wiz, Raevaniel, Vanimus Prime, Irreverent

Working on the asset management, pipeline, and organization. Basically improving the subsystems and data management in game development (and, presumably, maintenance). This will allow the various assets to be utilised more efficiently by the rest of the team.

The Tribe Foundry

Members: Caspian, Heat, Souzou

This team is creating concept art and dossiers for each of the twelve Tribes (details of the tribes we released in an earlier update). There's a live Q&A coming up soon about tribes and Caspian will post a Design Journal prior to the Q&A so people can ask questions.

Order of the Online Play

Members: Cynax, Tripnull, Glaive, Michael

Getting the game on its supporting platform, i.e. Spacial OS. We have little information on this so far except that they have actually fired up the system and have a 'blank canvas' in which to run around. As Vye said, "it's the first brick in the foundation of online gameplay and we're thrilled!"

Protectors of the Web

Members: ZRO, Death, Cynax, Glaive, Scarlet, Michael

 Responsible for the website and all its assets, including the interface between backers and the databases, etc. They've been very busy lately with the Kickstarter Anniversary promotions and such like.

Enter the Dragon

The team grows! Adam Vener (otherwise known as "Serpentius") joins Soulbound Studio as a Community Support Lead. To affirm his geek credentials, he left us with his favourite quote:
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" - Spock ST2

That's it for now. As always you can read the original over on the CoE website in the official CoE blog, formerly known as the Developer Journals!

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