Thursday, 20 April 2017

Update 60: April Showers Bring Elyrian Flowers

April Showers Bring Elyrian Flowers

A fancy heading for something vital to the gameplay experience: weather...

Chronicles of Elyria will have a weather system. The climatic conditions have a direct impact on the players experence in the game. To quote from the update: "muddy roads and snow banks will affect travel and increase strain on people and vehicles that dare to venture outdoors."

A Little Damp

Nice Weather for Ducks

Where's That Inn?

And when the temperature drops, all that rain turns to snow...

Hope Snowshoes are a Thing in CoE

Silver Run Mine Slowrun

A video was released showing exploration of the Silver Run Mine. It shows off some of the exciting moves/abilities the players will have access to in the game. This is definately no ordinary MMO!
What's a slowrun? The original video was a mad rush, a race to get to the end. This new video is an exploration of the mine with commentary by Soulbound Studio's World Designer Miguel "Souzou" Sierra. Bear in mind, this is (pre) pre-alpha, the mine was created as a demo and will be used in prologue.

Open Topic Q&A on April 27th

Soulbound Studio have decided to hold an open topic Q&Q session on their channel. If you want to ask a question, pop on over to their reddit page and add it to the list. For anyone who misses the live Q&A session, the video will be available on their twitch channel for a short time and then on their Youtube channel.

Chronicles of Elyria is getting more interesting by the day! See you there...

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