Friday, 28 April 2017

Highlights from April 27th Q&A

The Q&A started with a parcel unwrapping ceremony. Soulbound Studio, it seems, are recipients of many gifts from the community, including mugs, backdrops, food and drink (!), etc. - so they must be doing something right!

Anyway, here are some important points I picked up on from the Q&A (see my disclaimer at the bottom of the article!).
  • We're coming up to CoE's Kickstarter 1 year anniversary. It's actually next Wednesday but Soulbound Studio will be starting celebrations on Monday (1st May). Keep an eye on their website for further details on the party!
  •  New staff members are expected to be starting in June. The team is still expanding nicely, that can only be good for the future development of the game.
  • We learned that the commonly touted number of 100k players on a server is in fact a minimum target not a maximum player cap as had been thought.
  • Caspian made a brief statement suggesting that everyone should have their layaway items fully paid off next month. He refused to elaborate further.
  • It seems that the Prologue system won't be 'thrown away' after launch. It'll be kept as part of a system put in place to assist users in testing their OPC scripts.
  • Following a large number of questions about tribes, Caspian decided that next months Q&A will be about Tribes.

You can watch a video of the Q&A for a short time on Soulbound's Twitch Channel or a more permanent video on Youtube.

My disclaimer...

The actual Q&A was at midnight for me and I was a bit sleepy. I'm sure I missed something but I'll keep an eye open for further information and update this page as it comes in...

Here's a potentially important bit that I didn't miss though, reiterated here because it is potentially very important...

Caspian: "Domain selection is coming up very soon. I will add, I will stress. Make sure you get your layaway stuff paid off next month. That would be a good month to do that in. We'll just leave it at that"

No further explanation was forthcoming so you can make of that what you will :)

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