Monday, 24 October 2016

Updates 45, 46, 47

Bigger post this time with updates 45 to 47. Doing all three together because I've been really busy with real life issues. That's my excuse anyway...

Update 45

A Living World

Soulbound Studio released a new video called A Living World, available to view on Youtube. To quote directly from the update:
With lounging Canis Rabbits, herding Trison, Elyrians going about their daily business, and an environment that will take your breath away, this video hits home and shows the first real glimpse at the depth and richness of life in Chronicles of Elyria.

Total Influence Points vs. Spendable IP and Other Things

There's a long discussion of Total Influence Points vs. Spendable IP. If you're in any doubt about the way IP is calculated, etc. head on over to the update on Kickstarter for an explanation.
There's further information on IP tables (no, nothing to do with firewalls) and what happens in day one, this is the opening day AFTER Exposition which is where players with early access will get the groundwork done, getting ingame stores and services aup and running - it's nearly all player run rather than having NPC's doing everything like most MMO's. Anyway, as usual, head on over to the update for further information.


We have news of two new employees at Soulbound Studio.
Maika 'Scarlet' Takanohara - Graphics Designer
Katherine 'Vye' Bridwell - Senior Producer

Concept Art

Otter Bear (wha?) - Quoting from the update:
The Otter Bear, taking after otters, can be found in most biomes given a river or body of water. The only biomes they wouldn't be seen in are the extremes such as the Tundra, Taiga, and deserts. They don't migrate, but they travel up and down rivers.

Update 46

Improbable Visits Soulbound

Folks from Improbable travelled to Seattle to spend a week with Soulbound Studio and the update talks about two major items of particular interest to Soulbound:
  1. Experimental - Unreal Client worker: You can now use Unreal as your client-side renderer / engine.
  2. Experimental - C# SDK: We’ve built a C# wrapper around our existing C++ Worker SDK. You can now build arbitrary managed C# workers and deploy them to the cloud.
 (Quoting from the update again)
The first one means Improbable has been working to greatly simplify the work that needs to be done to connect an Unreal-based client to a SpatialOS back-end. MMOs using Unreal as their client—you know, MMOs like Chronicles of Elyria—will have a significantly easier time using SpatialOS with Unreal. While there will still be some integration work that needs to be done on our end, Improbable has gotten the ball rolling and, if done correctly, moving from Prologue: The Awakening toward our Alpha 1 should be significantly less time-consuming.

The second experimental feature means we can continue to develop the Soulborn Engine in C#, the same language used previously. Not only does that mean we can re-use any existing services we had before, but it also means we gain all the power of the .NET Framework Library for things like web services, database interaction, and code generation via Reflection.Emit. In short, being able to continue to write the back-end of CoE in C# means huge time-savings for us.

Next Stretch Goal: Gambling / Gaming

 The next stretch goal is only 100k away, that prompted Jeromy to include a discussion of the requirements needed to implement this additional social experience.
As for us, hitting the Gambling / Gaming stretch goal means having enough resources to hire a new animator. This animator would be responsible for not only the new animations required to play the gaming / gambling animations, but a ton of new social gestures and interactions as well, leading to a richer role-playing experience.

Other Bits

The IP Store has been renamed to Exposition Store in order to make it clearer about what you're buying and we learned that it is expected to be launched in November.

Update 47

Vye's first update to the community...

Another View of CoE's Layered Clothing System

What I want to bring your attention to more than anything else is again the fact that equipment is layered, allowing you to create a very put-together outfit. Additionally, while the pants look a little silly, they do go to show you how much customization is possible with the crafting system.


We learn more about the weather systems on CoE and how you will be able to actually work out how far you are from a storm by counting seconds from a thunderclap (not yet implemented). A video was released showing a storm in the distance...remember this is a pre-production video. The video is on the CoE website for viewing at

November Store Launch Update

A reminder that the new Exposition Store lau ches in November and further information about what to expect from the store condensed into one short line - we are preparing packages that will make it easy to play the role you wish. Head on over to the update on Kickstarter for further details.

Other Bits

The Flower-cup Procupine now has fur! Progress on the hair and fur shaders for the game is shown off on the new porcupine. Someone described this thing as cute and cuddly...

A Design Experience Q&A took place on CoE's twitch stream, you can watch the recorded video.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Update 44 - 27th september

Update 44 was a huge one and I just don't have time to go through all the information imparted (mainly because I'm working on a new bathroom and free time is limited!) - the whole document is available on the kickstarter update page.

Cash Issues

With that excuse out of the way...we learned that the balance raised through Kickstarter is inadequate to produce the game (pretty much as we expected) and that Soulbound are looking into other methods of raising the rest of the money needed while still encouraging people to pledge/increase their pledges.

Online Store

At long last, we have a release date for the online store! It should go live on 3rd October 2016. Lots of information about that on the update, including how to use credits bought via kickstarter, future options for gifting items to other players, villager/guild tokens,  and we learned that Soulbound have implemented a 'no refund' policy.


More on titles, including lots of information regarding responsibilities, expected average times people will have to play each week carrying out the specific duties, etc. As expected, people with 'higher' titles will most likely have to spend longer maintinging their kingdoms that lowly peasants. There's also a timly warning about exchanging titles for IP: while it's possible, you stand to lose more than just a title so it;s something best avoided if possible.

16-Year Fair & Tournament of Champions

This is something new, something called the Sedecim! Quoting directly from the update:
In Chronicles of Elyria, the nobility, aristocracy, gentry, and best craftsman of a continent all get together every 16 in-games years (approx. 4 real-life months) to hash out the land boundaries and trade agreements, to arrange marriages, and to purchase and sample wares from the best craftsmen. Weddings and festivities are held, and there's temporary booths set up so merchants can show off their goods.