Monday, 19 September 2016

Update 43 - More on the north...

Website v2.1

Great news! The new and improved website has arrived...well, version 2.1 anyway with a load of new features...
  • Private messaging has been re-enabled
  • External font server has been abandoned, resulting in potentially faster loading
  • Unified CSS, which should also improve load times and make future changes easier
  •  Faster Access to Forum Topics & Posts
  • Advanced Moderator Tools - to help keep the bad  boys and girls at bay 
  • Loads of bugs fixed
  • Better mobile support, including a search function


Latest Concept Art

Say hello to the  Pteroguin doing what it does best...

Online Store News

Latest information we have is that the online store will launch in two weeks! Quoted directly from the update:
Once the store launches, you'll have an opportunity to back the game if you haven't already, or even upgrade your pledge if you did!

More Stuff

More work has been done on the playable areas of the Prologue and there are some interesting work-in-progress screenshots of the area. Head on over to the official update on the Kickstarter page to take a look...they're great looking images, you won't want to miss them :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Update 42 - A Labor of Love...

The Online Store is Coming!

After what seemed like a long wait, we finally have a launch date for the online store. Currently scheduled for 3rd october 2016. once open, Soulbound will be offering same backing tiers, add-ons, and prices as they were offering during Kickstarter for 28 days.

This is like an extension of kickstarter so that more people can get on board to support the game but, as they said on their site, it's not a repeat of Kickstarter, as such the early bird tiers won't be offered again.

Here's a list of the tiers on offer during this period...shamelessly copied from the actual update:
  • Elyrian - $35  
  • Adventurer - $40  
  • Patron - $60  
  • Beastmaster - $75  
  • Founder - $100  
  • Bloodline - $120  
  • Merchant - $150  
  • Ursaphant Rider - $200  
  • Baron/Baroness - $250  
  • Astronomer - $350  
  • Count/Countess - $500  
  • Artisan - $750  
  • Brewmaster - $1,000  
  • Weapon Master - $1,500  
  • Celebrity - $2,000  
  • Artificer - $2,500  
  • Duke/Duchess - $3,500  
  • Chimera or Karate - $5,000  
  • King/Queen - $10,000

Once the  28 day kickstarter extension period has passed, the IP store will open. There's a lot more detail in the actual update, take a look at it on Kickstarter.

Website Version 2.1

The newest version of the CoE website arrives next week, heralding the long awaited return of private messaging amongst other things.

More Concept Art

The latest release is the Dryas Elk, sporting an impressive bit of defence against airbourne attackers!

Under the Hood

Interestingly, Soulbound Studio are evaluating the Vulkan API. A layer that sits on top of modern video cards, apparently offering substantial performance gains over OpenGL and DirectX. It'll be interesting to see what cards are supported by this...a common complaint amongst players is being 'left behind' on the hardware side with development studios demanding more and more powerful video cards and CPU's. We'll have to wait and see how this all pans out.