Monday, 29 August 2016

Update 41: Dreams and Nightmares...

This weeks update is an odd one. The team spent a lot of time on interviews and doing the 'get to know the potential recruit' thing, presumably to see who'll fit in. It's hoped that three or four new employees will be signed up in September (2016 hopefully!).

Paper Prototyping

Caspian wrote a long piece on Paper Prototyping. Here are the first three paragraphs quoted directly from the update...if you want to read the rest, it's over on the Kickstarter page.
Have you ever had one of those moments where you go 'aha!' and either remember something you'd previously forgotten, or realized something so blatantly obvious you can't figure out why you didn't think of it before? Yeah, well, that happened to me yesterday.
I was lying in bed in the morning, half awake, half asleep, in that dream-like state when a few different conversations I'd had over the week started blending together. Before I realized it, I was prototyping a version of Chronicles of Elyria in my head as a table-top game (Note: that doesn’t mean I’m going to create a table-top CoE game. It just means I was thinking about CoE in terms of a table-top game).
I began looking at the different mechanics in CoE and thinking about the best way to represent them if CoE were a table-top game. What would I use to represent a soul? What about a character? How would they interact?

Meet the Pteroguin

We also learned a little more about the Concept & Design and were treated to some concept art of a dangerous flying creature called a Pteroguin. It seems that if you're spotted by one of these out in the open, you might as well start planning your spirit walk...

Site Changes

Version 2.0.10 of the CoE website has been released which brings more usability for those on mobile devices. We learned that the next update, v2.1 brings a reCaptcha verification which, it's hoped, will reduce the amount of spam accounts being created, followed by v2.2 which brings the online store.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Project Update 40 - Thought for food...

Thought for Food? Bit of a play on words there...anyway, moving on...

The process of filling positions with Soulbound Studios is ongoing. Appears all is going very well with another 25 candidates interviewed this week.

The Web Store should be with us soon, work is progressing nicely on that and the private mail system.

We learn of ongoing work on the food chain, which is, presumably, where the Thought for Food title came from. And we get to see some more concept art, including a a cute but prickly looking Flower-Cup Porcupine (yes, really!)
and it's predator, the Domino Fox.

There are some, almost disturbing, updated images of character ageing inlcuding a rather portly male who looks like someone you wouldn't want to tangle with and we get a new video showing some animations, etc. bear in mind that nothing has been optimised yet so the framerate doesn't look that great at this stage.

You can take a look at this video on Youtube if you prefer to watch it there and Soulbound Studio's actual update itself is available to read on Kickstarter.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Update 39 - A world being built...


Update 39 brings further news of the ongoing process of hiring talented people. We also learned that the web team have dismissed a bunch of bugs causing issues for the store/private mail so we hope to see those going live soon...usual disclaimers about the meaning of the term 'soon' apply.
We learned a little more about the female character models and some animation issues, including a hint that there will be some 'platformer-like elements' that the developers plan to integrate into the game. What form those will take remains to be seen! Jumping puzzles anyone?
More information has been forthcoming wrt the creation of the biomes, etc. that our characters will live in including an example map...

Strife on the Forum

Following last weeks update, there was some disquiet on the CoE forum regarding some of the changes that were announced. Caspian posted some responses to the issues raised by the players on the forum which are well worth a read, they clear up a lot of the misconceptions that led to the long thread.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Update 38 released (it's a long one!)

Update 38 has been released and it's a long one. Because I'm redecorating my house at the moment I just don't have the time to go through it all in detail (I'll do that later because it really is interesting) but since I want to keep up to date on this site, here's a summary of the contents of the update...

  • One Elyrian Year is now seven days instead of four
  • Children are now present in the world from birth to death, living as NPCs until either you, a friend or a stranger you've given permission, chooses to take control of them.
  • A new screen is being added to character creation to allow you to select an NTC instead of a Ward or a Family
  • A new screen is being added to character creation to allow you to select a member of your dynasty as your next character
  • The family/dynasty view is being updated to allow you to lock children and grandchildren, as well as see the NPC code of any NPCs in your family which have not been locked by other family members
  • NPC marriage is being added to the game, along with mechanics to woo your chosen
  • If you take over a married NTC, you can lock their spouse, preventing them from being similarly taken over by a player
  • New mechanics are being added to player-to-player marriage to make them more valuable than player-NPC marriage
  • All characters you create will require some amount of story points, even if that's zero. The more famous/powerful the character you want to create/take control of, the more Story Points they'll require
  • Soulbound Studio have a new web designer on board and are cuyrrently reviewing job applications to fill the other posts 
  • We have our first view of the female model
You can read the detail on the original document over on Kickstarter.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Update 37 - Passion and Virtue...


Update 37 brings us news of an interesting business lunch and a redesigned Ursaphant. We also have the important and welcome news of the arrival of a new Web/UI Developer joining the team today (1st August). Soulbound Studio have posted their remaining positions on LinkedIn and are hoping to get those filled asap. See the original update on Kickstarter for further details on the jobs avaiable.
As for the heading (Passion and Virtue), read about that in the original post on Kickstarter...

Early Access

True to their word, Soulbound are sharing the latest video, to those who have a max IP of 3500 or higher, some time this week. This will be shared on the early access forum which was advertised as a Kickstarter reward at the $350 Tier and above, and grants those with Alpha 1 access exclusive Early Access to game content and least it will when that part of the forum goes live...


Caspian said he was pleased with the work done on design last week but has nothing to share yet, instead promising some 'really good' updates later in August. Stay tuned...

Oh yes, the redesigned Ursaphant...